Fratres of the R+C

Please join us in the M✠✠✠✠✠ C✠✠✠✠✠, at the Stated Conclave of Utah College, Societas Rosicruciana in Civitatibus Foederatis, to be held on Friday, September 28th, for the purposes of physically re-immersing ourselves into the mysteries, and sharing our knowledge and learning with each other.


6.00pm – Arrival
6.15pm – Dinner
6.45pm – Limality/Silent Procession
7.00pm – Conclave Opens
9.00pm – Conclave Closes
9.10pm – Limality/Silent Procession
Our dress code for Stated Meetings is Black Tie with SRICF Jewel. If you do not own Black Tie, a black suit, with black or SRICF tie, and your Jewel is satisfactory. Our dress code for Special Meetings is indicated on the meeting notices. Please email our Secretary if in doubt.Decorum
It is our belief that a College should be a place for quiet contemplation. Therefore, we strictly prohibit side conversations, mobile devices, or anything that might detract from a positive lodge experience.Signs
We utilize customs and traditions laid out by the High Council of the Society. If traveling internationally, we understand your signs may be different. If you feel this will be a problem, please contact the Secretary ahead of time.


Reservations are closed for this event.